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Diabetes is a significant health threat.

The hallmark of diabetes is excessive blood glucose, and it’s a major threat to your health. As time passes, high blood glucose can damage your nerves, eyes and kidneys. It can lead to heart attack, stroke and circulatory problems that can result in limb amputation. Today, diabetes is incurable, complex, lifelong, life-altering and life-threatening.


Education & information are vital to caring for — & living with — diabetes.

At Mountain View Medical Center, we understand diabetes, starting with the importance of information. Diabetes’ complexity means there is much that needs to be understood, which means living with diabetes is an educational process. Our founder, Dr. Tim Gray, co-wrote the book ͞Living with Type II Diabetes͟ and is a certified diabetes educator. But the reason we emphasize education is because it is essential to managing diabetes. That’s why we dedicate the time and focus required to ensure you are informed, up-to-date and prepared.


Individualized care plans to meet your unique needs.

Because diabetes affects each of us differently, we tailor your care to meet your needs. Simply put, a cookie-cutter approach doesn’t work with diabetes. So it’s important that we understand you, get to know your needs and work through your concerns. We strive to build a relationship — a partnership — of understanding and trust so we can develop a realistic, workable plan that enables you to manage your diabetes and live a quality life.


Comprehensive diabetes testing, monitoring, education & management.

At Mountain View Medical Center, we are on the forefront of diabetes monitoring and patient education. As a Certified Diabetes Center of Excellence by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) we offer up-to-date information, comprehensive education, patient support, plus vigilant diabetes monitoring and management for individuals and groups that you’re unlikely to find in most family medical practices. For experienced, qualified and dedicated care and management of diabetes, call Mountain View Medical Center today.

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