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Clinical Pharmacists and Your Health

We are pleased and excited about our new partnership with Pacific University School of Pharmacy which provides our patients with on-site access to clinical pharmacists to provide one on one consultation at no additional cost.

Your health as a patient is a collaboration between you and your providers, the clinical pharmacist provides another layer of our behind the scenes care. It is another safety check; another set of eyes to look at your medications and/or supplement options used to treat chronic conditions. In addition to providing consultations, the clinical pharmacists are there to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the medications/supplements used to self-manage your conditions.

How does the clinical pharmacy team benefit you?

  • 1 on 1 in person or phone consultation with a licensed pharmacist from Pacific University
  • Explanation of medication options in a language you will understand
  • An additional resource for you with an expert pharmacist who is up on the most current medications on the market

Schedule a consultation today to ask about your options for your chronic condition needs or ask your provider during your next appointment.

Don’t Miss an Appointment! – Text Message Reminders Available

Life is busy.

We get it.

But we also know it is because of your busy life that you can’t let your health fall to the back burner. We take our job of being your partner throughout your health journey very seriously and we want to provide you with tools that will help you reach your goals. Text message appointment reminders are another tool to add to your belt.

With a text message appointment reminder, you will receive a simple message allowing you to confirm your appointment date, time, and provider. It is a quick and easy way to bring your health back to the forefront of your mind.

If you would like to sign up for text message reminder give us a call or ask the front desk the next time in you are in the office. It’s quick, easy, and painless. 🙂

5 Conditions that don’t need an appointment!

  • walk-in program, mvmc

Walk-In Program provides convenience without sacrificing quality care.

When you aren’t feeling well you want to get on the road to recovery quickly. We understand that and it is why we have always offered same day appointments as often as possible for our patients. This has proven to be a great benefit and service to our patients but we wanted to do more, and now we have!

We now offer a Walk-In Program for five specific conditions. This means that our patients who are suffering from these five conditions will not need to call for an appointment. Simply come to our Forest Grove or Hillsboro office and you will be seen by the first available provider.

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